Voice Chat - Mumble Client

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The Mumble client can be download from mumble.sourceforge.net.
(if you ave installed BE SURE, that is the newest: 1.1.6)
Installing mumble
After you installed, click to "Custom Servers" tab, and add 2 entry, by:

  • Click to "New" button
  • Fill out the form with data below
  • Click to "Add" button
  • Double click to "CT Main" server to connect (use backup when main not working)

Connection details:

Lablel: CT Main
Address: kani.hu
Port: 64738
Username: [your char name]
Password: [none]
Lablel: CT Backup
Port: 64738
Username: [your char name]
Password: [none]

Configure mumble

  • Click to "Configure" menu, select "Settings" submenu (config dialog should open)
  • Lower "Quality" slider, if you have slow connection (very reasonable with 100ms+ latency in wow)
  • Select "Push to talk" from dropdown box (labelled "Transmit")
  • Go to "Shortcuts" section (left menu bar, big icons)
  • Click to textbox which have a label: "Push-to-Talk", and press your push-to-talk key
  • Check the "Expert config" checkbox at the bottom left corner
  • Go to "Network" section, select "Use TCP mode"
  • Go to "Overlay" section, and turn off overlay by clicking to "Enable overlay" checkbox
  • Go to "Messages" section, and clear first 4 (or all) check from "Text-To-Speech" column (second)
  • Save your config with "OK" button