SKG (aka Suicide Kings Geo) - the loot system

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Like with many loot distribution systems, SKG provides a mechanism to fairly distribute loot when a boss is killed or another loot event occurs. Unlike many systems, it does NOT require you to track values for items, or maintain some sort of "score" for individual users.

In the simplest form, when a loot event occurs, any player on the appropriate roll list may elect to bid on an item. The bidder who is highest in the list (or has the lowest numbered list position) wins the bid. What occurs when a player wins the bid is really the most important part. The winning player suicides to the bottom of the roll list and all other players (in the current raid) move up a notch and improve their position.

The final element that is important to realize is that players who are not present in the current raid DO NOT move in the list. All players move around them. This serves the dual purpose of rewarding players who are participating more often, and NOT punishing people who don't show up as frequently.

roll list
A Roll List is a list of players used to determine looting priority when loot events occur. Previous versions also had the concept of a "Class List", which is no longer supported in SKG versions 5 and later (since Bid Filtering is supported).
SKG supports any number of roll lists, although most guilds will probably only use one or two.
It is only possible to insert someone into a roll list if they are already present in the Players List. If weare using the Main/Alt Relationship feature of SKG, that only the Main will show up in the roll list. If you are currently in a raid, the Alt or Main currently in the raid will be displayed in that slot.
Although the word "Suicide" typically carries a negative connotation, in our particular case it is a positive act. In terms of SKG, a suicide is the direct result of winning a bid for an item during a loot event.
Physically, the player moves to the bottom of the list of active players in the current raid list. Everyone else who was previously below this player trickles up one spot. In this manner the list is constantly moving as long as loot is being distributed. Simply showing up to a raid guarantees an eventual chance at loot as your position on the list grows stronger as other raiders gain loot and drop the bottom of the list.